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2 years ago

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I've always been happy with the visit to the dentist, the same thing but after my trip last Friday, it never becomes much more. I came for my appointment and was called without delay. Simon asked me to sit in the chair and moved the conversation pleasant habit. He checked my mouth and told me that needs cleaning, dental nurse insert the bib persiankitty on me and was the seat reclined. Simon's work on the teeth, but I stress, as always, was her last customer of the day and the operation was empty. He asked his sister to him some pasta and we were alone. He told me to relax, I'm sorry, I said, he smiled and said it was fine. I think you said you relax a little before that everything that had given me a small shot. We could say it's all good now, he said, and left the room. My persiankitty head began to swim and I could hear voices, but everything seemed off. He returned to the room alone and shut the door. I was aware of it moving, but I was very blurry. He put the chair in the rest position pPOSITION and said OK, let's see how it goes, wide, closed my eyes -wow, I'd put my dick in my mouth! I tried persiankitty to move but could not move. He started pushing his cock in and out of my mouth, I could not help. I stop here was a man with a blow job dentist, my. He said that lick their barking, and I have to admit, that was good, I have always been bi- curious, but never really tried ! He leaned back and lay persiankitty their eggs in my mouth and said to be a good boy and suck, they were very mild and pleasant flavor. Then he put his cock back into my mouth and held my head as I pushed started telling me I was his young bitch suck dick. That's what I did and he was very good, I began to fuck her hard and I knew he deeply persiankitty about his sperm shot in the throat when swallowing, ordered and I knew salty, but very nice. He licked me dry. persiankitty No one will believe you when you say something, I said when I saw the surgery. See you in six months left, I said and smiled at the south exitGery. No more worrying about the dentist for me.

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